Terms & Conditions of Service

The below terms and conditions are applicable to all orders placed or purchases made through the use of this web or mobile site at any of the named stores or suppliers.

E-Shopping Disclaimer
This disclaimer is with respect to all, E-Shopping purchases.
For the sake of clarity click and collect is the service whereby the vendor shall receive an order from a user via the website or other means acceptable to the vendor. On receiving the order the vendor shall, on the user’s behalf, collect the goods from any relevant seller/s of such goods and assemble the order at its collection point, whereafter the user shall attend at the said collection point and pick up the goods. Accordingly the user shall be responsible for, last mile delivery.”
Stock is subject to supplier/seller availability.
The vendor shall not be held liable should perishable and fragile goods be ordered for any damage thereto or the expiry thereof, particularly in the instance where the user delays in collecting the aforesaid goods.
The vendor shall not be held liable should any goods be out of stock.
In-store discounts may not apply to goods due to varying payment methods.
Promotion lines and pricing may not be available or may vary subject to time of collecting and preparing of order.
Returns are in terms of the Return Policy and the user is responsible for returning the goods to the relevant store/return point as advised by the vendor.
No back orders will be accommodated.
Requested collection times may not be available due to availability of stock, a conflict with a prior user’s collection or for any other reason whatsoever including those of Force Majeure as stipulated in the terms and conditions.
Goods may be ready for collection anywhere between 24 (twenty-four) and 48 (forty-eight) hours depending on stock availability.
Should any specified goods be unavailable due to stock shortages or for any other reason, the vendor may, should the user agree, acquire goods for the user that are similar to the goods ordered by the user.
The user may, at the time of ordering the goods convert the order from a pick up order to a delivery order whereby the goods will be delivered to the user. In such an instance, delivery terms as per clause 14 will apply.

Delivery Terms and Conditions
Delivery charges may be included in the purchase price of any order.
Should delivery charges not be included in the purchase price then in such an instance these may be invoiced separately and the user shall be liable for such payment.
Delivery charges are subject to change without notice.
All deliveries will be done as soon as reasonably possible taking into account the nature of the goods ordered, the capacity of the vendor to make deliveries and availability of the stock being purchased.
The vendor may utilise third party delivery companies to effect delivery of any order should the vendor deem this appropriate.
Should the vendor utilise the services of a third party delivery company, the vendor shall not be held liable for damage or loss that may arise as a result of the third party delivery company’s actions with respect to the delivery, whether these actions are the result of intentional misconduct, negligence or any other cause whatsoever.
The vendor cannot be held liable for the quality of any goods nor for any errors with respect thereto.
The use of the, “click and collect” service provided for herein is entirely at the risk of the user. The vendor shall not be held liable for any damage, including consequential damages suffered by any person as a result of the use of the service provided herein, any order made, any cancellation made, any error in any order, any error in delivery, the quality of any goods, any sale made as a result of fraud or dishonesty on the part of a user or seller and any other damages that may arise whether such damage is caused by the negligence of the vendor or for any other reason whatsoever.